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Rollerball Perfume
Rollerball Perfume
Rollerball Perfume
Rollerball Perfume

Rollerball Perfume

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When applied to the skin pulse points it adds a delicate blending of gardenia. 

A metallic Rose Gold Container with a shiny gold cap making it an beauty.

Love Spell:

A joyful fruity and floral scent full of energy.

NOTES: cherry blossom, peach, and white jasmine, with a hint of apple and tangerine. 

Lemon Pound Cake:

A lovely fruity and sweet scent.

It smells just like a freshly baked lemon cake! 

Top-Sugar, Lemon, Orange
Middle- Butter, Bakery Batter, Coconut
Warm Vanilla Sugar:
A lovely Light and Sweet Fragrance with a hint of musky notes
Top- Vanilla, White Orchid
Middle- Sugar, Coconut, Jasmine
Bottom- Sandalwood, Musk

Key Benefits:

-Long lasting fragrance that’ll leave you smelling amazing all day

-Comes in a travel-size rollerball container for convenient use

-Small size fits into purses, pockets, bags, etc

Essential oils/fragrance oils and fractionated coconut oil.
Tip: Using Perfume on moisturized skin will help the fragrance last longer and smell stronger!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jazmin Minor
I love a good roll on perfume!

The Love Spell smells exactly like i remember from middle school! This scent is nostalgic to me which is one of the reason I had to get it! The scent isn’t to strong & it lasts for a decent amount of time!
I love to roll on my wrist & behind the neck, definitely gives a memorable hug!

Jeanna Jones
Smells Amazing

I love the smell of vanilla and they did not disappoint with this roll on. It's not too strong or too light. It's perfect for the quick dab in those important areas.

Just in time

Got this just as I ran out of another perfume so it was the perfect time to finally try TS. this smells so good and the packaging is nice and sleek. thank you!! 💛🍋

Smells Divine

Smells so good. Sweet and full scent. Lasts 5ish hours on me. Layered very well with a vanilla perfume I have.

Echo Diaz
This is my new daily fragrance

It smells delicious, without being over powering! The bottle is really pretty too :)