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Turmeric Brightening Scrub
Turmeric Brightening Scrub
Turmeric Brightening Scrub.
Turmeric Brightening Scrub.
Turmeric Brightening Scrub.
Turmeric Brightening Scrub
Turmeric Brightening Scrub
Turmeric Brightening Scrub
Turmeric Brightening Scrub

Turmeric Brightening Scrub

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A moisturizing and soothing scrub that removes dead skin cells, brightens, hydrates and moisturizes your skin leaving a natural glow. Leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. It helps with acne scars, psoriasis, eczema, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tones and much more.

Recommended for anyone trying to achieve a healthy glow, brighter complexion, even skin tone and overall healthy skin


Organic Sugar, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Honey, Vitamin E Oil, Organic Kasturi Turmeric Powder and Lemon Juice.


Moisturizes skin.

Brightens skin.

Hydrates skin

Removes dead skin cells.

Helps reduce the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. Reduces discoloration.

Softens skin.

It may help with Psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Eczema etc due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Evens out skin tone. 

It has antibacterial properties which can help prevent and get rid of acne.

It helps prevent breakouts. 
Reduces ingrown hairs. 

It has Anti-aging properties.

Adds glow to skin. 
Brightens/lightens dark areas. 
Soothes irritation and itching. 
Improves skin texture. 


The scrub can be used on your face and body. It's best to use it on areas of your skin which needs brightening. 

Rinse your skin with warm water, use a small amount of the scrub and rub in circular motions. Use gently!! 

Use 2-3 times a week and you'll notice a difference. 

Care Instructions: 

Turmeric may temporarily stain the skin or cloth, so I recommend to use a dark cloth. 

If the turmeric does stain your skin, rinse your skin with coconut oil. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
James Martin
Gentle yet effective

Your products are very gentle, yet effective to the skin with great results. Thanks for producing an effective line of products. This male is hooked!🙂

D Isbister

This scrub really leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth; I noticed a clear difference where I'd scrubbed! I've tried lightening products before, but they just left me kind of ashy and dry. This helped brighten dark spots on my face and chest which have been bugging me for years!

Andi Cherry
Turmeric Brightening Scrub

This product is AMAZING! my skin has been so soft and noticeable more even toned and literally GLOWS! Will definitely be buying again when I run out!

Does Exactly What It Says It'll Do

I have used scrubs before, often with "natural" ingredients that have left my skin dull and itchy. I have used this scrub TWICE and it has cleared up some old scaring significantly when paired with the shea moisturizer. My skin is incredibly sensitive. I can't use many things and it always has to be unscented. I love this body scrub its unscented and exfoliates/moisturized my skin without being too harsh or causing more acne. I have tried just about everything except turmeric and body butters I am so happy to have found this gal!💜

Ashley Holloway
Turmeric scrub

This scrub is apart of my daily skin routine! I love how it leaves my faces feeling clean and moisturized at the same time! I love it so much. Not to mention the glow afterward